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What It's Like Getting Your First Client & How To Ask For Payment! | My Experiences


Whether you want to get into photography, videography or freelancing within the media sector, we all must deal with clients if we wish to succeed.

Today I wanted to sit down and chat about my experience when it comes to getting work as a Freelance Photographer, Filmmaker or Video Editor! The beginning is always the hardest part, but hopefully, with these 5 it'll make those daunting initial stages just a little easier! Once you get your first paying client, work with them and receive payment it reduces the stress of the next one - you already have one in the bag.

Getting a client can be stressful. Getting a paying client can be even more stressful since we are under more pressure and have more responsibilities. One wrong move could cost us our payment, the client or god forbid, our reputation as a whole.

Here in this video, I give you some key tips to helping you get your first client really paying client and how to get paid!

I talk about my own personal experiences as a young freelancer who has had quite a bit of free client work and actual paying client work.

If you would like to learn more about this, watch my video:

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