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How To Create Vertical Videos For In Adobe Premiere Pro in 2021

Learn how to create a vertical video. Whether you are wanting to create a short video for Instagram, Facebook or any other social media channels, this video has got you covered! In this video, I sit down and show you how to create a VERTICAL video in Adobe Premiere Pro 2021. Once you watch this video, it will be very simple for you to create vertical videos for personal and professional usage. A vertical video is easy to do since it is just a landscape video tilted on its head. Vertical video content is on the rise due to more and more people consuming digital content on their phone. This can be seen with the ever so popular Instagram feed and Snapchat, but more impartially with the rise of the goliath that is TikTok. It is imperative that video editors and content producers understand how to adhere to this new demand within the industry.

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