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How do I get CLIENTS for Videos and Photography?

In this video, I sit down and discuss how to get your first client and give you 5 ways how to get them. Contrary to what most people think, it’s NOT about spamming people on Instagram… it’s NOT about lounging around and being lazy. Watch this video now to discover Jack's strategies on how to get clients successfully. No matter what part of the media industry you are in, these tips will help you get your first clients for videography and photography.

Tip 1 - Fiverr

Fiverr is a very good way to get into freelancing for the media industry. Fiverr has a lot of competition within the platform, so you need to do something that will get yourself outside of the box. You can literally sell ANYTHING on Fiverr, so make sure whatever it is that you're offering, is something of value. The way that it works is that you set up a gig, you sell that gig to people and if they like what they see, they purchase your services on whatever service you are providing. Make sure that you promote your gig. Your gig is your golden egg, it will either make or break your freelancing.

Tip 2 - Establish yourself in your local area

Sitting at home playing video games isn't gonna get you any new clients, so first of all before you go and battle and take on the world, you want to establish yourself in your local area in your town in your city. Wherever it is, you want to be top of mind when someone thinks, "oh I'm gonna I need a quick promotional video doing, or I need a photoshoot doing they're gonna be like oh yeah Jack Fernley I know he sent me a message a couple of days ago.

So you want to be top of mind when a potential client thinks of something that relates to your speciality. You need to establish yourself as the Alpha within that field.

Some places I recommend on going and promoting yourself are.. EVERYWHERE! Go to Bars, night clubs, counsels, realeaste agents, gyms.

The more places you got to, the more exposure you're giving yourself.

The other 3 tips can be found on my video:

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